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Help and advice for all training and behaviour problems with:
  • Puppies
  • Adolescent Dogs
  • Rescue Dogs
  • Older Dogs
  • Cats and Kittens
High success rates using kind, gentle and enjoyable methods
Every case is carefully considered during an in depth consultation, resulting in specific advice to suit each owner and their pet. On going help and support is always available.

Improving pet/human relationships. Counselling owners. Boosting confidence. Being positive, encouraging, sympathetic and understanding. To always use reward based methods which both owners and pets enjoy.

Happy owners. Happy pets. High success rates, often with dramatic improvements.

Talks to Clubs
Interesting, informative and entertaining talks about my experiences as a behaviourist, including tips and advice, have been very well received by a wide range of clubs and organisations. Contact me for more information.

01825 830477