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I am now retiring after helping people with their pet behaviour problems for over 40 years. I can still be contacted by email for informal chats and updates on your pets.

Hazel Carter

Click for bigger image Christmas Tips
Christmas can often be a stressful time for pets. Festive excitement, change of routine and guests can cause various problems. Click here for some advice which should help.

Hazel Carter

Chloe the Gardening Assistant
Chloe braved the summer heat to return to YouTube in a new video, showing her skills as a gardening assistant and home help!

Hazel Carter

Click for bigger image Chloe in Kent and Sussex Courier
Chloe recently demonstrated her skills to the Kent and Sussex Courier. Click here to view the print article, or follow the link below to view the article on the Kent and Sussex Courier website.

Meet Chloe - The Wonder Dog

Hazel Carter

Click for bigger image Chloe in the Garden
With spring finally here, Chloe has swapped the housework for the garden, pictured here helping to collect some daffodils. This picture was featured on ITV Meridian weather news at 18:15 28th April 2013!

Hazel Carter

Chloe on YouTube
Chloe now has her own video showing just a few of her many tasks around the house in her role as personal assistant and home help.

Hazel Carter

Chloe returns to YouTube
Chloe was recently filmed by a friend of mine and can be seen working in the house and playing with her own friends!

Hazel Carter

Chloe in Sussex Express
Sussex Express visited Chloe to film a video and write an article about her work as a personal assistant. View both on the Sussex Express website, linked below.

Sussex Express - Gentle Giant Chloe

Hazel Carter

Chloe's Television Appearance
Chloe my Newfoundland is now two years old. In March 2011 she had an accident falling into a ditch, while running though a wood. This painful injury to her front leg resulted in her being lame for many months. In June she had only just recovered from her accident when she played with another dog and damaged her hind leg which resulted in a cruciate operation.

From March 2011 Chloe had to be on very restricted exercise with no playing, socialisation or normal dog activities. This was very hard for such a young dog. To keep her occupied and happy I decided to concentrate on indoor work. She loved her "games" which prevented her becoming frustrated and depressed.

By December 2011 she was fully fit again and had mastered a most impressive range of complex and unusual jobs. She could load the washing machine, transfer items to the tumble dryer and take them out and carefully put them in the basket. She learnt how to help in the kitchen fetching her own food and the potatoes for dinner. She has many other jobs around the house and thinks it is all great fun.

On the 13th of January 2012 she was on ITV Meridian Tonight South East news to show off some of her talents.

Hazel Carter

Click for bigger image Chloe
Chloe my Newfoundland puppy has been busy demonstrating various exercises for a series of articles on puppy training I have written for Pet Focus magazine.

She was also in Sussex life magazine January 2011, in an article I wrote, mainly about Connie my last Newfoundland. There is a photo of Chloe helping with the washing.

Hazel Carter

Click for bigger image

Click for bigger image Chloe Born 19 Dec 09
After a long search I now have Chloe, another black Newfoundland puppy who I had at eight weeks old. She had been beautifully reared by a careful breeder in ideal conditions. Both parents had been health tested with excellent results.

Hazel Carter

Connie 1-9-05 to 17-6-09
Very sadly Connie, who really was A Dog In A Million, developed a very aggressive cancer and was put peacefully to sleep at home. She is greatly missed.

Hazel Carter

A Dog In A Million: My Life With Connie
This is the story of my Newfoundland Connie who was only a puppy in 2006 when I damaged my back and later developed more medical problems. To keep her occupied and to help me I decided to teach her to be my personal assistant, home help and willing gardener. The book also covers my early life with animals and there is a section on behaviour problems, with simple help and advice.

For more details about the book, please visit www.rbooks.co.uk or www.prefacepublishing.co.uk.

There is more about Connie on this web site.

A Dog In A Million was also published in China in August 2010.

Hazel Carter

International Celebrity Dog!
Connie has now been shown on TV in America and Germany as well as her appearances here. She is a real Celebrity girl and just loves showing off in front of the cameras. She is amazing, faultlessly performing all her tasks under extreme difficulties in our tiny rooms packed with TV crew and their cameras, sound equipment and trailing cables.

View Connie's full CV here!

Hazel Carter

Live TV
Connie and I were on ITV1's "This Morning" live on January 7th 2008. This was all very exciting, as she has been filmed at home for several TV programmes now, but this was our first appearance on a live show. It was rather a worry when I was told that we would be on with some little piglets who would be very close to us. Connie has seen farm animals before but not pigs, and I did not know how she would react, however it all went well and she was well behaved for our very brief appearance.

Hazel Carter